Traditional massage / Tuina

Tuina pronounced ‘twee-na’, means “to push” (tui) and “to lift and squeeze” (na).

It is the traditional method of medicinal Chinese massage.
Non invasive application, provided with or without clothes. Treatment is tailored for your optimal health, based on our consultation, followed by tongue and pulse diagnosis.

It includes stimulation of specific acupressure points and/ or body areas, as well as various hand techniques and gentle manipulation.
Different techniques are used such as rolling, kneading, pressing, rubbing, brushing and shaking. It invigorates and shifts Chi (life force) and blood flow, from organs that suffer stagnation or excess, to organs that are weak and deficient.
The treatment will ultimately facilitate internal movement, enabling your body to heal itself.

Tuina can be used solely or combined with acupuncture, cupping and herbs, to enhance the therapeutic effect.
All oils used during treatment are 100% organic and custom blended to treat particular conditions.

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