Our bodies are magnificent machines that have the ability to heal themselves.
Mechanisms for pain relief, releasing hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, are being activated when stimulating certain points with acupuncture.
Dated 4,600 years ago, this ancient medicine has documented treatment strategies for common diseases as well as less common pathologies.
Treatment is designed to identify and act on the weakness and strengths in ones’ internal organ dynamic. The physician carefully weave a treatment strategy to facilitate balance and homeostasis.
Treating the person NOT the disease.

The Chinese mapped the body with pathways (also called meridians or channels).
These travel through their corresponding organs, branch to encompass greater or deeper areas in the body and even affect different senses and orifices. With over 400 traditional and 350 non traditional body points, which are laid on specific body landmarks, a single needle may immediately reduce pain, resolve a sore throat, and eliminate stress to a comfortable euphoric state.

Does it hurt?
Different sensations can arise upon needle insertion or stimulation: heaviness, tingling, numbness, heat and others, though sharp and stabbing pain is not one of them.
The needles Zohar uses, are mostly gauging at 0.25 mm, but can be even smaller at 0.16 mm. This is almost as fine as your hair!

How many treatments will I need?
It will greatly depend on how long you have had the problem, how much damage is already caused, your constitution and current diet and life style choices.
Change is not always easy but is available for everyone. Acupuncture can support your healing journey, but the responsibility for your own health, is forever dependent on your state of mind and the actions you take.
Acupuncture has a cumulative effect. Frequency of treatment may be higher to begin with, with extended frequencies (less treatments) as healing begins to take place.

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